Get Australian Visas with Registered International Migration Agent Melbourne

Migration agent:

A person or agency that can legally advice/handle your immigration matters. Help you to create & boost your immigration application. Who can deal with Immigration & Citizenship Department for you in exchange of fees.

Why people need an migration agent:

People are usually not in need of a consultant if they are confident to prepare & lodge an application to the department of migration. But if people who do not feel confident enough to lodging their application & if the case is full of complex, then they are really need a migration agent.

Choosing the perfect Australian migration agent:

There are many types of migration agent in Australia. But you have to do is choose the registered migration agent with the help of MARA (Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority of Australian Government)

The most experienced Australian International Registered Migration Agent based in Melbourne:

The perfect migration agent in Melbourne is here to help you with a high success rate in lower fees; you’re at the right place to make your dreams come true. 100% Success with all types of visa process. Just click here & you are done:

“Anyone wishing to migrate to Australia and need hassle free assistance with their visa application, I would definitely recommend AIMC the expert Migration Agent Melbourne.”

AIMC’s different category visa processing mentioned below:

Business Skills Visas

Family Visas

Partner Visas

Skilled Visas

Visitor Visas

Working Holiday Visas

Employer Nomination Visas

Student Visas

Skilled Migration Program Visas

Refugee Visas

Different Type of Visas


Fees & Charges:

 There are no set fees & charges for their services. For more information on average fee ranges is available at

Australian Visas – Service Fees & Processing Dates at:

Professional consultation Fees & Charges:

Their Professional Processing charges and fee amount varies as per the gravity of each case depending upon the case complexities and individual circumstances of each particular client. They negotiate with clients after measuring a general aspect of their case. The amount of our consultation fee and charges inclusive of other expenses are fixed before they proceed with any case.   

The first step of their joint venture commences with the client after initiating & committing a “Service Agreement” duly signed by the client. Their registration immigration adheres to MARA regulations, client rights and immigration code of conducts. They suggest clients to read this service agreement thoroughly in order to obtain certain information before accepting it.  

Reasonably weak cases are not being processed by them neither charging any consultation charges nor quoting any fee.   

Department of Immigration and citizenship of Australia’s current scale of fees inclusive charges:

  • Medical Examination Fee  
  • Police checks & enquaries fee
  • Postal expensive inclusive of client documentation delivery
  • Assessing qualification assessment fee
  • Translation fee of certified document IN English Fee
  • Other expenses attached and committed between us and the client.

Processing Dates:

Current Australian Immigration department does not commit any fix time frame for processing visa applications. Each application is considered and executed on the basis of an individual case as per department of immigration and citizenship of Australia. The processing time of each application entirely depends upon the condition of the case and certain circumstances such as sensitivity of the case and workload required status of police queries and medical check- ups, etc. The DIAC office can be approached for a fixed time frame in case any application is duly launched and some file number is issued. 

Why you are required a registered migration agent:

Registered migration agents have a sound knowledge of migration law & practice. They are fully professional & and act in a timely manner. They abide by the migration agent’s Code of Conduct & have appropriate insurance. If you have a problem with a registered agent, you can make a complaint to the Office of the MARA.

Why not to use an unregistered migration agent:

Unregistered agent may be unaware of current legislation and procedures. They can provide incorrect or wrong advice. Can make false claims about your chances of success. Unregistered agent or person is breaking the law and penalties of up to 10 years jail can apply. If you have problem with unregistered migration agent in Melbourne or whole Australia you can report against an unregistered person at telephone number 1800 009 623 (free of charge). Information provided will be treated in the

Strictest confidence.

Further information about visa options & International Australian Migration agent in Melbourne visit:

For more info click here:



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