Clipping path the ultimate image editing

What is clipping path?


Clipping path is actually a path which is shape or closed vector path used to outline or cut out a 2D image in different types of image editing software. A closed vector shape that is used in Photoshop to differentiate between the background & subject of an image. There are many more alternatives to cutoff an object from its background. As clipping path is least sensitive to errors, scalable within the image & nice hard edge in results so handmade clipping path is the best.  Also a clipping path works well in combination with different types of image editing software’s like Illustrator, In-design, Quark express etc.



What clipping path service includes

Clipping path can be called as image processing & it does not have any boundaries. It is a series of services. It is only a tern in the photographic industry.

Clipping path service includes different types of services & techniques of image processing.

These are few series of techniques which can be described in image processing service:

ü  Clipping path

ü  Image masking

ü  Retouching service

ü  Color conversion

ü  Color correction

ü  Web images editing

ü  Cutout or resizing image/subject

ü  Drop shadow

ü  Image manipulation

ü  Raster to vector image

ü  Image stitching  

Why Clipping Path is better?

In Photoshop there are many options to create transparent background or cutout path, like: Magic Wand, Quick Mask, Extract Filter etc. None of these options can provide the crispy outlook of cutout images other than Clipping Path. Moreover, for complex images, some of the other options can take more time. However, in terms of quality of cutout, there is no match for hand-drawn Clipping Path in Photoshop.


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